What I Need To Know Before Painting My San Antonio Home.

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What Homeowner Should Know About Painting


Did you know there are many ways to paint and there are many things that need to be painted. High quality paint jobs both on the interior and exterior of your San Antonio home can increase it’s beauty but, best of all raise it’s value. The most important thing to know is, what type of painting technique your home improvement project requires.


With many ways to get paint on the specific area, both are the most widely used in the industry. Consider the differences that come from roll on and spray painting. Comparing the two can help you make a more informed decision on which to go with for your painting project. If you plan to consult with a contractor in san antonio about the work at hand, this will give you some firsthand knowledge of what to expect when they begin to paint.

Roll-On Paint


Roll on paint is the most known way to paint anything. Grab a brush or roller and get to work. You don’t need too much prep, instead you just need your supplies and a decent amount of time to get the job done. However, roll on paint does have some pros and cons that come with it. Annapolis painting services knows the value of using roll on paint services for those intricate areas that need to be touched up perfectly.



  • Gives an even, uniform coverage
  • Paints over almost everything and on anything
  • You have the best control with a brush
  • Get into smaller areas, grooves and crannies with a brush



  • It can take time to finish a paint job
  • Brush marks can be visible
  • Harder to paint in harder to reach areas
  • Make sure to use two or more coats of paint

Spray-On Paint


Spray on paint is another option out there. Whether it is for something in the home, or an application on the exterior of the home, spray on paint can be ideal. There are however, pros and cons to this type of paint application to be aware of. This application can provide the overcoat needed for many large areas, which also cuts off half the time it would take when using the roll-on paint application. If you are planning to hire a professional painter, be sure to check out painting contractor reviews online to see what others think of the company and how well they have performed for previous customers.



  • Easy to do for anyone
  • Quick, efficient application
  • Get into harder to reach areas
  • No brush or roller marks left behind
  • One coat and you’re done



  • You must prep the area well
  • You cannot spray on windy days
  • It uses double or sometimes triple the amount of paint
  • Uneven coverage in some areas


Whether choosing spray or roll on painting, the job should be done carefully. Something you may want to keep in mind is that different paint has different chemical make-ups and you will need to know which is best for your project ahead of time to ensure you purchase the right paint for the task at hand. A perfect paint job can make the painted areas stand out and can even help increase the value of your home.


Consider the job itself and decide which might be a better option for you to go with. While you may enjoy tackling DIY projects, it is a good idea to hire a professional, such as a painting contractor in San Antonio for big paint jobs around your home. A painting pro can provide the best method for painting, ensuring that the job is beautifully done.

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